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Long Gone

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Conrad Praetzel – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Dobro, Sampling, Beats, Bass and Atmospheres

Robert Powell – Pedal Steel (The Color Song, Strange Things Happening, I’m Troubled About My Soul, All You Rounders Better Lie Down, Music Has No End), Pedal Steel Bass ( Morning Train), Lap Steel (Shortenin’ Bread, Big Boy, Can’t You Move ‘Em), Lap Steel “Worms” (With His Old Gray Beard A’Shining), Electric Rhythm Guitar (Satisfied), Acoustic Slide Guitar (Morning Train)

Wendy Allen – Voices and Voice Arrangements (Crawdad Song, I’m Troubled About My Soul)

Scoop McGuire – Double Bass (The Color Song, Down in Arkansas, All You Rounders Better Lie Down)

Adam “Bagel” Berkowitz – Drum Kit (Big Boy Can’t You Move ‘Em, Down In Arkansas, All You Rounders Better Lie Down)

Bruce “Creeper” Kurnow – Harmonica (Morning Train, Big Boy Can’t You Move ‘Em)


1  Under the Ramp
Ray Wood recorded by John and Ruby Lomax in Houston, Harris County, Texas, April 13, 1939.

2  I’m Going Home on the Morning Train
E. M. Martin and Pearline Johns recorded by Alan Lomax at Clarksdale, Mississippi 1942

3  Satisfied
Florence Stamp and group of girls recorded by Alan Lomax at Anne Williams house in Friars Point, Mississippi, on July 26, 1942.

Went down in new ground field
Rattlesnake bit me on my heel
That didn’t make me satisfied
I ain’t never been satisfied.

4  The Color Song
Lum Wilson “Bill” Jacksons followed by Mrs. Myra Pipkin reciting folk rhyme about wedding colors
both recorded by Charles L. Todd at Arvin FSA Camp, CA on August 12, 1941.

I wouldn’t wear pink cause the color would stink
I’ll buy me a hum-a-dum-a-diddle-a-daddle-dubble-wubble
sackajus-a-boddle-a-bindin’s –
To wear with the roobajum jenkins.

5  Shortenin’ Bread
Ora Dell Graham and group of girls recorded by John A. Lomax in Drew, Mississippi, October 24, 1940.

Ever since my dog’s been dead
The hogs been ruinin’ my tater bed.

6  Big Boy Can’t You Move ‘Em
“Uncle” Bradley Eberhard recorded by Carita Doggett Corse and Robert Cornwall in Sebring, Florida, Highlands County on July 7, 1940.

If I’d a-known my Captain was mean,
I never would-a left St. Augustine.

7  Crawdad Song
Mrs Vernon Allen recorded at Shafter FSA Camp, CA on August 15, 1940.

Wake up honey you’ve slept too late
Crawdad man done passed your gate.

8  Strange Things Happening
Charles Haffer Jr. recorded by Alan Lomax at the Nelson Funeral Home in Clarksdale, Mississippi, July 23, 1942.

Nations against nations, rising up in this land.
Kingdoms against kingdoms, you better understand.
No need being surprized, the end is drawing nigh,
Stange things happening in the land.

9  I’m Troubled About My Soul
Lillie Knox recorded by John A. Lomax and Ruby Terill Lomax at the home of Mrs. Tom Chandler in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, on July 12, 1937.

Lord, I’m troubled, troubled, toubled about my soul.
Just as soon as my feet strike Zion, I won’t be troubled no more.

10  Down In Arkansas
Almeda Riddle vocal recorded by Alan Lomax in October, 1959 in Greers Ferry, Arkansas.
Interview with Mae Bongalis, “A Visit with Mother Jones”, recorded by Mary Hufford on April 11, 1995 in Naoma, West Virginia.

Now, she’s is crosseyed, that’s a fact
She cries an’ the tears roll down her back.

11  All You Rounders Better Lie Down
Fred Fox Lee recorded by Stetson Kennedy and Robert Cook at a turpentine camp in Cross City, Florida, Dixie County, in July of 1939.

Big piece o’ bacon and a little streak o’ lean
Strong cup o’ coffee, ain’t no sugar been seen.

12  With His Old Grey Beard A’Shining
Pearl Brewer recorded by Max Hunter in Pocahontas, Arkansas on November 12, 1958.

I baked him a cake and he eat like a snake
With his ole gray beard a shining.

13  Music Has No End
Neil Morris recorded by Alan Lomax on October 6, 1959, in Timbo, Arkansas.

“They said that music grew like a grapevine that is never pruned, that each year it put on a little bit more.”


Art Design: Brain Willis

Photographs of Fred Smith’s Concrete Park Sculptures, Phillips Wisconsin, by Dave Nance

Produced and arranged by Conrad Praetzel (except Shortenin’ Bread arranged by Conrad Praetzel and Robert Powell)

A.P.I.A. (assistant producer in abstentia): Max Greenstreet

Special Thanks To: Anna Lomax Chairetakis, the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, Shalleen Tethal and Scott Billington at Rounder Records, Robin Cohn and City Hall Distributors, Frank Goodman, Kate Greenstreet, Kim Biue, Jesse Ashlock, Bryan Lanser, Dan Riviera, Fred Catero, Chris Nickson, Todd Smith, Kevin Moore, Ed Rudnick, Tom Armstrong, Jolie Holland, Jesse Denatale and Carolyn Dowd, and Hugo (Granny’s Dog).

(c)(p) 2005 Paleo Music (BMI)

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