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The Greatest Show On Mars

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Produced by and all instruments arranged and played by Conrad Praetzel
(except harmonica by Turner Junior Johnson)


1  O Happy Land (Traditional, vocal arrangement Bessie Jones) Global Jukebox Publishing (BMI) Bessie Jones recorded by Alan Lomax in his apartment, Greenwich Village, NYC.) on October 12, 1961.

2  March of the Cosmic Puppets (C. Praetzel, BMI)

3  Steal Away (Traditional, vocal and harmonica arrangement Turner Junior Johnson) Global Jukebox Publishing (BMI). Turner Junior Johnson recorded by Alan Lomax, Clarksdale, MS on July 19, 1942.

4  The Last Train From Pluto (C. Praetzel, BMI)

5  Not Have No Spot (C. Praetzel, BMI) Unidentified 80 year old preacher’s sermon radio broadcast, SF Bay Area, 1980s.

6  The Electric Ant (C. Praetzel, BMI)

7  Leather Britches (Traditional, vocal arrangement Sidney Hemphill Carter) Global Jukebox Publishing (BMI) Sidney Hemphill Carter recorded by Alan Lomax, Senatobia, MS on September 26, 1959.

8  Barnum’s Boogie (C. Praetzel, BMI)

9  Barrel of Feathers (C. Praetzel, BMI)

10  A Mysterious Light (C. Praetzel, BMI) Story told by Howard Miller to Mary Hufford, Drews Creek, Raleigh County, West Virginia on April 22, 1995

11  Olympus Mons (C. Praetzel, BMI)

12  Move Up (Traditional, vocal arrangement Ed McNeil) Global Jukebox Publishing (BMI) Ed McNeil and “unidentified men” recorded by Alan Lomax at Fred McDowell’s home in Como MS on September 25, 1959.

13  Cosmic Puppets Revisited (C. Praetzel, BMI)


Art Direction and Design: Brian Willis

“O Happy Land (Steal Up, Young Lady)”, “Steal Away”, “Leather Britches” and “Move Up” archival recordings are from the Alan Lomax Collection at the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Used by permission of Odyssey Productions, Inc.

“A Mysterious Light” story is courtesy of Tending the Commons: Folklife and Landscape in Southern West Virginia. American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

Special Thanks To: Cheryl, Larry Walton “The Tube Dude”, Universal Audio, The Estate of Alan Lomax, and Angus McIntyre (for the “Martian Landscape” image).

(c)(p) 2014 Paleo Music (BMI)

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